Bring Durbin along

The Twins need to keep Durbin.  He has electric stuff and has to stay.  He has had injuries but if we let this kid go, it will bit us in the butt.  Every team will try to claim him.  He has that good of stuff.  He will make it this year.  At least let him in the bullpen, I know Gardy wants to have two lefties but Dennys Reyes and the rest of the bullpen don’t have any trouble with lefties.  Our right-handed relief pitchers can handle lefties.  JD Durbin is good insurance as a spot starter and another long relief pitcher.  Matt Guerrier is good at that position, but what happens if two starters in a row last only 3 innings, we tax our bullpen totally hoping the next starter fares better.  I would like our chances better with another long reliever.  Also, I believe JD Durbin will take over for Silva at some point this year if we keep him on the staff.  This allows us to have a spot starter who can dominate.  We then bring up a Scott Baker for the long relief role.  We have groomed two amazing pitchers this way (Santana and Liriano).  JD Durbin just has had bad luck.  Give him a chance.


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