Good News for the Twins

Well all the news out of Twins camp is positive.  The change in attitude of Ponson, the health of Durbin, and the health of Kubel.  I believe this will be the team to beat in the American League.  Yes other teams added pieces and signed major players.  The Twins did what they do best and stock pile quantity of pitchers and players and let them compete.  The formal for success is to find the right group of guys.  Not the most talent group, look at the 1996-2000 Yankees, their big names hitter wise were Bernie Williams and Paul O’Neil.  Not exactly Barry Bonds, Wille Mays, or Hank Aaron.  But that group of guys were great together.  The Twins have talented individuals, but they also have quality individuals.  Torii, Mauer, Morneau, Nathan, and even Santana, who should be the most ego laden person ever because he is the best, are all humble and excited.  They love to play the game.  They believe in themselves and the player next to them.  Not one of tham questions how good the guy next to him is, they know he will perform.  This teams greatest question is how to deal without Brad Radke and Francisco Liriano . . . well do what you did last year and rally around each other and compete to be the best.  THEY WON THE DIVISON WITH BOTH RADKE AND LIRIANO DOWN.  DOn’t get me wrong it will be tough to over come, but they did play almost .600 ball without those two guys (in large part because of Santana).  This team has the makings of greatness for THIS season and BEYOND.  Ponson is happy and conifident again, Ortiz is professional and driven, Durbin has the stuff and will make this team.  I believe the roster will be
Joe Mauer, Mike Redmond
Best tandem in all of baseball
Justin Morneau, Luis Castillo, Jason Bartlett, Nick Punto, Jeff Cirillo, and Alejandro Mechado
The starting infield is set until Punto or Castillo get hurt and then Cirillo steps in at third (good deal) and Alexi Casilla steps in at second (great deal).  Mechado will cover the middle infield better than Luis Rodriguez so he gets the nod.  We need to keep Bartlett, Castillo and Punto fresh to run around and reek havoc.
Torii Hunter, Michael Cuddyer, Rondell White, Jason Tyner, and Jason Kubel
The starting outfield positions are set even though I think White becomes expendable shortly allowing Josh Rabe to come up and step up.  Lew Ford will be traded away for a low level prospect so he can get a chance to play.  Or White gets hurt and Lew Ford takes over left field and does well.
Starting Pitchers:
Johan Santana, Boof Bonser, Carlos Silva, Ramon Ortiz, and Sidney Ponson
Behind Santana, the players and coaches are saying the right things to make me believe Ponson and Ortiz will eat-up innings and keep us in games.  This gives Glen Perkins, Matt Garza, and Kevin Slowey time to season and learn to better their pitches.  Scott Baker will be traded to get more prospects for the middle infield.
Relief Pitchers:
Joe Nathan, Juan Rincon, Dennys Reyes, Pat Neshek, Jesse Crain, Matt Guerrier, and JD Durbin
Our relief corp is set except for maybe an extra left-handed arm.  I believe Reyes doesn’t need it, nor does the rest of the group.  JD Durbin makes it as a long relief and spot starter.  He may make it into the starting rotation if Silva falters.


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