It Begins with the Twins

As my first installment of my first blog, it is fitting that it is about my favorite team . . . The Twins.  They continue to be the team in Minnesota that I can respect.  They don’t have hoolums and thugs running around with nothing to do.  I am a huge fan that hasn’t been dissapointed in a long time with the Twins.  I look forward to this season like no other because we have a future that isn’t shaky.  I may be in three years, but for the next two years we will field one of the top teams in the league without being that most expensive.  I believe this team has the makings of being great.  The signing of Ramon Ortiz didn’t set-off fireworks anywhere but if Rick Anderson can before his magic and get these guys back to where they are formidable, they were the best pick-ups this offseason.  In a market where career .500 pitchers are making more than Morneau, Mauer, Cuddyer, Nathan, and Hunter, getting 10-12 wins out of two free agent pitchers for 5 million total is not a bargain but amazing.  The problem I have with the signing is we have begun to get away with what made our teams great over the past five years.  Relying on young talent and letting them blossom in the majors.  Everyone of our championship teams relied on young pitching and hitting to get us to competitive levels.  I see that we have the potential again with Perkins, Bonser, Garza, Durbin, Slowey and Baker to have great young talent compete and push themselves toward greatness.  I believe Bonser will be the stud workhorse our No.2 guy for years (Radke) used to be.  Garza will be a stud in a short while but I would like him to grow a little bit more before handing over the keys.  Perkins is probably the most polished and fearless of the above named pitchers.  He could be really great.  Our rotation in the future with Santana, Liriano, Bonser, Garza and Perkins will be the best in all of baseball.  This isn’t even getting to my darkhorse canidates who could make the team this season and do great.  JD Durbin and Scott Baker . . . they are the ultimate sleepers for this year.  I believe this could be Durbin’s chance to impress.  I believe he will make the team as a long reliever and spot starter.  He will come in and replace an injured or ineffective Silva or Ortiz and shine.  I hope the Twins give him a fair shot.  Scott Baker will be a good pitcher who will make a team really happy but I don’t think it will be with the Twins.  I think trading him would be the best for both parties.  Giving us a chance to get a slugger at third and giving him a chance to shine ffor a team that needs him, but he could figure it out and make this team, which I hope will happen.  I would prefer to have Garza and Perkins in AAA for one more year and brought up as subs not relied upon to control the fourth and fifth spots.  Give it to guys on their last leg.  Desperation will bring out the best in Ponson, Durbin, Baker and Ortiz.  Let the kids who have talent wait one more year to be the man.  The candidate to get ignored this year is Slowey.  He could be good but I want to see him pitch against higher competition that could kill weak fastballs.  He however could be the second coming of Brad Radke and Greg Maddux.  In the case, let him sit one or two more years and then let him loose.


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